Upholstered Beds

Rail sets of Platform style Price and yardage on request.

The Quilting House is helping Demanding Professionals make strong design statements with our furniture.

We can make any size bed surround, or platform.  We need exact mattress, box spring, and frame measurements.  Surrounds are made in 3 pieces and attach to the headboard.  Platforms are usually made in 1 piece and attached to the headboard (be sure to check the space where the platform is going, for enough space for easy egress).  All are functionally designed, painstakingly crafted, and elegantly covered with a variety of treatments including shirred, pleated, tufted or quilted trims.  Furniture Is Only As Good As The People Who Build It And Our People Are Among The Best.  As furniture specialists, our craftsmen know there are no shortcuts to enduring quality.  When desired, we can accommodate custom shapes and sizes too.  Strict quality standards make The Quilting House an excellent choice for furnishing master bedrooms while very competitive pricing makes us an ideal choice for other important rooms as well.

Quality Features:

  • Combination of Foam, Cotton, and Polyester to give a Plush, Long-lasting Look.
  • Fabric is Pattern Matched and Centered.
  • We use only Select Grades of Solid Woods that are Kiln or Air Dried to Prevent Shrinkage And Warping.
  • Plastic Glides on Bottom of Legs.
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes Available.
  • All Upholstered Items Shipped via motor freight.
  • Beds are Knock Down. All Hardware is Provided.
  • Quality Foam Padding on Headboards and Bed Rails give an Opulent, Custom Look.


QH 1120 Bed QH 1102 Bed Surround QH 1100 Bed
QH 2420 Bed QH 2420 Bed Surround QH 2510 Bed
QH 1200 Bed QH 1500 Bed QH 1104 Bed
QH 2400 Bed QH 2405 Bed QH 2490 Bed
QH 1005 Platform QH B1004 Channel Tuft QH B1004 Plain
QH 2420 Platform QH 2430 Channel Tuft QH 2430 Plain