Made in the USA, by Professional Craftsmen, with World Class Workmanship, and the Latest Styling  Each masterfully stitched and meticulously pattern matched by our experienced craftsmen.  Our bedding features a common thread.  It's called Craftsmanship.  As a designer, it's important for you to work with people you can trust implicitly, professionals who listen to your ideas, then transform your fabrics into exquisitely finished pieces.  At The Quilting House, we offer the very best in Custom C.O.M. Bedding.  With so many choices, it's easy to let your imagination run wild.

Standard features:

  • Extra Soft, High Loft polyester fill 16 oz  per square yard
  • High quality White Sateen Lining
  • Pattern Matched before Quilting
  • All Quilting is Lock stitched 

Comforters are made with 16oz super soft polyester fill and sateen lining (less fill can be used on request).  For self lined comforters double yardage is required.  Comforters are made like a pillow case, filled then quilted.  Due to this process of manufacturing, sizes can vary as much as 3” in width or length.  If an exact size is required, we suggest you order a bias binding for finished edges.

Comforter Rounded Corners Comforter Square Corner Comforter-Flange-Bottom
Comforter Rounded Corners Comforter Square Corners Self Lined or Contrast Lined

Comforters are throw style only, and do not have pillow tucks or reverse shams as they are bulky and hard to manage.  We can make a separate reverse sham, which is not attached.  We cannot make Comforters with fitted corners as they are bulky and hard to manage.

We can add welting, ¼”, ½”, or 1”, rope, or fringe.  Ruffles and flanges are also an options for Comforters.  Banding or contrast insets can be done to enhance the design of your comforter. Please specify fabric, size, and desired location.

Comforter Welt bottom Comforter-Flange-Bottom Comforter Contrast Inset
Welt bottom Flange Bottom Contrast Inset

Quilting Patterns available for Comforters are limited, because of the thick fill, to Large patterns such as Square, Diamond, Channel, Stitched button or circle, and some large Outlines.  Hand tacking, yarn ties, ribbon bows, and fabric knots are also options for comforters.

Comforter Square Quilted Comforter button quilt
Square Quilted Yarn tied Button Quilt      

If you want a completely reversible comforter, we can quilt 2 separate pieces in different quilting patterns, that are then joined at the edge.  Usually 6oz to 8oz is used for each piece.  This will increase the labor charges.  Please request a quote.