Made in the USA, by Professional Craftsmen, with World Class Workmanship, and the Latest Styling.  Each masterfully stitched and meticulously pattern matched by our experienced craftsmen.  Our bedding features a common thread, it's called Craftsmanship.  As a Designer, it's important for you to work with people you can trust implicitly.  Professionals who listen to your ideas, then transform your fabrics into exquisitely finished pieces.  At The Quilting House, we offer the very best in Custom C.O.M. Bedding.  With so many choices, it's easy to let your imagination run wild.

Standard features are:
  • 20” Pillow Tuck
  • High quality white sateen lining
  • Blind stitch  taped hem
  • Pattern matched before quilting
  • All quilting is lock stitched
  • Outline quilting is no additional charge

Coverlets by definition are made to only cover the mattress.  Coverlets usually require a dust ruffle (depending on your bed frame).  Coverlet drop length is generally about 3” longer than the mattress drop.  Typically, coverlets are quilted.  We have a large variety of possible quilting patterns to fit your design style.  The fil weight can be chosen from a range between 6 oz to 16 suit your needs.  The most popular fill weight is 10 oz.  Another popular fill option is to use 6 oz, for those that want a slightly lighter coverlet.  During the quilting process the lining is quilted with the top fabric, locking it in place and preventing any shifting.  Final cutting is done to your specifications, and is inspected at many points in the manufacturing process.

Coverlets Throw Style Coverlet Fitted Style Coverlet Capped corner style
Throw Style Fitted Style Capped Corner Style
Coverlet Top Welt Style Coverlet Scalloped Bottom Style Coverlet Welt Bottom Style
Top Welt Style Scalloped Bottom Style Welt Bottom Style

Tuck Options:

Sleeping pillows can be managed using several different methods.  Coverlets can be made with a standard pillow tuck (20”), or have no extra length for bed pillows (no pillow tuck).  Another possible option to cover your pillows is to order a reverse sham (35”).  A reverse sham can have any of the bottom edge options applied.

Coverlet Pillow Tuck Coverlet No Pillow Tuck Coverlet Reverse Sham 
Pillow Tuck Reverse Sham
No Pillow Tuck

Corner Options:

We have many different corner options for our coverlets.  They can be made with a throw style or have fitted corners.  Throw style gives the standard bell shaped corner.  Fitted style corners can be made with or without a tongue, and if needed the tongues can be split partially to accommodate almost any situation.  Fitted style corners can also be capped (closed) on 2 or 4 corners, or partially capped with splits.  The capped style can have elastic added to hug the mattress.  Splits may also be done on throw style at the foot, at the width of the bed, up the corners diagonally, or on the sides of the bed at the foot end of the side drops.  Fitted style coverlets can be made with or without top welting, rope or fringe.

Coverlet Throw Corner Coverlet fitted corner Coverlet Top Welt Corner Coverlet capped corner
Throw Corner Fitted Corner Top Welt Corner Capped Corner

Bottom Options:

The bottom edge can have a variety of finishes.  The simplest finish is to have our standard hemmed edge.  Another popular option is to add a top or bottom welt (sizes range from ¼”, ½”, or 1”).  Other options included scalloped with welt, rope, fringe, gimp, ruffle or flange.

Coverlet hemmed edge Coverlet Welted Edge Coverlet Rope At Edge Coverlet Flange bottom
Hemmed Edge Welted Edge Rope at Edge Flange Bottom

Banding Options:

Banding can be used to add a special touch to the body of any coverlet or reverse sham.  Banding can be applied in many places; at the top of the coverlets outlining the edge of the mattress, in vertical or horizontal stripes or the bottom edge of the coverlets.  When ordering please specify fabric to be used, desired location and size of banding.

Coverlet Banding at top edge Coverlet Banding at bottom Covert banding set in Coverlet banding at square corner
Banding at Top Edge Banding at Bottom Banding Set In Banding Square Corner

If you want a completely reversible coverlet, it must be a throw style, or with capped corners.  We can quilt 2 separate pieces in different quilting patterns, and join them at the edge, usually 6oz to 8oz for each piece.  This will increase the labor charges.  Please request a quote.