Throw Pillows


Made in the USA, by Professional Craftsmen, with World Class Workmanship.  When you consider, all of the wonderful ways to bring a room to life - Is it any wonder designers have such a soft spot for pillows?  At The Quilting House, our exquisite line of C.O.M. pillows includes an exceptional collection of Throw Pillows, Neck rolls, Ball pillows, and practically anything else that catches people's fancy.  Nobody puts more into their pillows than we do!  Whether you want it simple or sumptuous, the accent is on diversity of style and design.

Quality Features of Throw Pillows:
  • Faces are Pattern Matched and Centered
  • Hidden Zippers
  • Polyester Inserts
  • 300% Fullness on Ruffles
  • Ruffles & Flanges are Self-Lined
  • Custom Designs and Sizes Available

Each pillow is meticulously stitched and pattern-matched by experienced craftsmen.  Pillows are available in standard or custom sizes.  All feature hidden zippers for easy cleaning.  Choose from a basic knife edge design to which you may then add welting  ¼”, ½”, or 1", knotted plain or shirred.  Ruffled, single or double, Flanged, filled or unfilled, with mitered corners, gathered corners, or pleated corners.  You can add embellishments from a wide variety of finished trims such as tassels, fringe, buttons, and rope. (Non mitered corners are only available if there is no welt or fringe between the base and the flange)

Banding (plain or shirred) is also an option that can be sewn on the base.

The fronts can be quilted, to the pattern of your choice.

To insure the highest quality and satisfaction, we can provide all sizes of custom sized blown inserts with your choice of - poly, down, synthetic down, or our own unique poly-down blend.  Width and height dimensions are from seam to seam, not including flange, ruffle, welt, etc.  You can provide your own inserts, we would like to have them to custom fit the covers.

You can design your own pillow, and we will provide you with a quote for the yardage and cost to fabricate.

When we cut fabric, we don't cut corners. All pieces are painstakingly pattern matched.

No pillows are made to more exacting specifications.  To eliminate the sagging that commonly occurs from corner to corner on square-cut pillows, we cut our pillow bodies on a slight crown.  So our finished pillows feature a clean, straight line along all four edges for a more aesthetically appealing look.

Each size insert contains a standardized amount of precisely measured fill to ensure consistency from one piece to the next.  Even our standard fill is a special blend of highly resilient polyester fiber, selected for its optimal shape retention and softness.

 Knife Edge 1/4" Welt 1/2" Welt 1" Welt Rope  Fringe
 Ruffled  Double Ruffle  Ruffle & Welt Mitered Flange   Non-Mitered  Flange & Welt


 Banding Shirred Banding Envelope Front Button Flap Shirred Welt Butterfly Corner
 Turkish Corner  Gathered Corner Ruffle Pleated Flange Box Pleat Ruffle Knotted Welt Ball
 Mitered Face Puff Heart Ruffled Mitered with Button Knotted Wrap Bow Front with Rosette

 Boxed Square  Boxed Round Neckroll Knife Edge  Neckroll Welted   Neckroll Gathered Ends  Neckroll Ruffle & Welt
 Neckroll Ruffle, Welt Inset