Wholesale / Trade Accounts

The Quilting House, Inc. offers exclusive trade pricing and services to verified interior design professionals.  Registered designers receive special trade pricing and applicable sales tax exemption on all online orders and any orders submitted to our C.O.M. program.

To establish a Wholesale / Trade Account - The Quilting House, Inc. must have on file the appropriate completed state resale certificate forms before you place an order online or submit an order to our C.O.M. program.  Although you may have already sent us a copy of your (re)seller's license or permit, state authorities also require us to keep a completed copy of your signed Resale Certificate and/or Permit on file.  To ensure that no sales tax is charged on future purchases intended for resale, please complete the following steps.
  • Fax or Email a copy of your state issued (re)seller's licence or permit.
  • Fax or Email a signed, completed copy of our Resale Form. (click to download)
  • Fax or Email a copy of your business card.
  • (optional) Fax or Email a completed copy of our Credit Application.
  • Be sure to complete online account registration below if you have not done so already.  
Please fax your proper credentials to (949) 476-2238 or email to support@quiltinghouse.com.   Once we've processed your credentials, we will update the online account you created and you'll receive a confirmation email that will verify your exclusive access to your trade account.  Be sure to login with your confirmed trade account credentials before placing any online orders to receive your special trade pricing.

Need help?
*If you did not receive a confirmation email with your account information, please call us during normal business hours or email support@quiltinghouse.com.

Need to get a custom quote?
*If you need to get a custom quote, please fax to (949) 476-2238 or email to quotes@quiltinghouse.com.  We will get back to you shortly.